Monday, September 19, 2011


You would think that since I don't work and haven't worked in some time, that Mondays would be just another day of my week.

I still hate Mondays.

They are always the longest day of the week and it's hard to go from having two parents to just me. Oh, and it doesn't help that Pat is going out of town today.

I will try to keep us busy. Thats the game plan anyways. Liv got my memo about sleeping in, so the day is already off to a good start :).

I HAVE to go measure the windows in our new place for blinds today. I plan on using this opportunity not only to use a tape measure, but also to bug ask our landlord if we can move in early. I am a little nervous about moving in on the 1st of Oct. when Liv and I are flying out on the 4th. Should I bring cookies?

We are so ready for our move. We have everything we need except for a few major things, such as a couch and pots and pans. In fact, we were looking at couches last night and I came upon this beauty:

Isn't it gorgeous?? Pat is the one who initiated the search and he couldn't open our costco pack of shredded cheese, so we had a little contest and I won....will this contest be enough to win this couch?? Not sure, but it was a good start.

Speaking of beauties, check out Jaxon.

He has the most perfect little baby face. This is an example of my mediocre photog skills...ignore the shadows. I only reserve the right to take pictures of my child and family. Dani told me she would give me a little lesson when we come down, I will have to do some practicing so stay tuned for an obscene amount of pictures of me practicing :).


  1. ohhh, good couch find! where did you find it?

  2. wayfair. My husband found the website, but I can take credit for the couch :)