Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Did anyone else catch the Roast of Charlie Sheen?

How about the premiere of Two and a Half Men, including Ashton Kutcher?

I watched the latter and part of the roast. I've seen a few roasts before, so I knew what I was in for. Crude and Hilarious. You have to be a pretty good sport to sit there and laugh at yourself when the panel of "friends", roasters, seriously gives it to you.

So, after I watched Charlie Sheen basically get roasted on Two and a Half Men, I stayed up to watch the Roast.

I dunno about anybody else, but I found it a bit sad. Obviously Charlie Sheen agreed to participate in this, he also positively knew what he was in for. However, a man who clearly had a complete mental breakdown months before, among other meltdowns, was the man of the hour.

Nobody held back...teasing about his kids being taken away, even referring to them going through their own 12-step program, about the knives he has pulled on his wives, the drugs and hookers he's done, among many other things.

I found it kind of sad. It would be funny if it wasn't true and they were stretching the truth or what was just written in the tabloids. I just think maybe it was a bit too far? In reality he had his kids taken out of his home, he pulled a knife on his wife...and none of that is funny.

Even though his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller was in the audience laughing about it.....

It was very strange.

The other strange thing was that Kate Walsh decided to show up...where did that come from?

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