Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picture Post

I have a bunch of pictures on my camera from various events...I use the word 'event' loosely because event could mean a trip to the park or me wanting to take pictures of Liv's cute ensembles :)

Hello men's "boy's" shirt with a top cute

mommy's model

baby Jax 

cousin love

chowing on a granola bar "bar bar"

pretty girl.

park time

this reminds me of pictures when liv was a baby....

first day of dance class :)

not in a very good fact she was pissed that I wanted her to take her necklace off...diva.


  1. LOVING the ballet outfit! I can't wait for LJ to start dance lessons, but they are all mommy & me until age 3 around here. And we can't bring her sister along :(
    Does Liv just let you comb her hair? I'm impressed that it is always "styled".

  2. We were lucky to find a place that had Kinderdance...most of them don't start until 3 around here too. She does usually let me...not always without a struggle, but I force her haha!