Saturday, February 19, 2011

wedding edition - belts

I want need a belt for my wedding dress.

Oh yeah, did I mention it arrived?

Here is the pictures (they aren't the most flattering pictures I've ever taken, but hey I did them myself):

It needs to be fitted. I want it to fit impeccably. I love the simple silhouette, but for it to look good it needs to fit flawlessly. A belt would just pull everything together and also bring our colors tastefully into my dress.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find an actual belt and not a sash. I'm the kind of person that gets something into my head and can't settle, so a sash is out of the question. I'm picturing a belt defining my waist a bit better than a sash.

After much searching...this is what I found:

Image of Flower belt
Sarah Seven

Its kind of hard to see, but it has a stretch velvet band and the clasp is underneath the flowers. The belt is totally customizable and I would go for a gray belt with yellow flowers. Also, its only $50, which is more than reasonable.

Let me know what you think. Also, I would like a pair of yellow sandals or opened toed flats and I can't find them anywhere...for a good price. Send ideas my way please!


  1. Beautiful! I think a belt will look great with the dress. Have you looked on They have a lot of great accessories and you can have anything custom made. And I bet you can find something perfect for less than $50 on there. Good luck!

  2. gorgeous! good find and i say JUMP on it!

  3. Love the color scheme and I think a belt would totally pull your look together!!

  4. You look gorgeous Desi, and the belt is a fab touch. Super classy!