Tuesday, February 22, 2011

this is why i needed a girl

Because, I just have so much fun dressing her up. I have more fun dressing her than I have dressing myself.

Oh. and that ponytail...it just kills me. I would like to add that my mini pat looks more like me with her hair pulled off her face.

If you don't share my opinion, please don't tell me...just let me relish in the thought of it.

olivia reading her 'olivia' book ha.

expressing herself.


  1. agreed. pony tails just kill me! love it!!

  2. soooo cute, Des! I have that same shirt (onsie) for Kennedy haha. I definitely think she looks like you! She has your eyes all the way. :)

  3. love hiaving a girl too! .......Babies + skinny jeans = awesomeness!

  4. I love how she rocks those jeans...she is soooo pretty! you're in trouble mama :)

  5. Oh that hair! I'm looking at Bella's tiny wisps right now and wondering if I could get a very small rubber band at the top.


  6. She is absolutely adorable Desi! I love her outfit.