Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the good stuff

We went to Liv's doctor's appointment today. Well...I shouldn't say doctor's appointment because we never saw a doctor. It was more like going to the health department. Which is only complaint is that I loved how our doctor in the Sault, Dr. Mackie, knew Liv and had been her doctor since she was born. I had a lot of confidence in him and its scary to not have a doctor for Liv. Anyways, we are going back next week because they wanted to give her a chicken pox and flu vaccinne, but that would have been 5 and we thought it was a bit much for one visit. I am glad we made that decision because she had one in each arm and one in her leg. She was pretty riled up by the time the nurse was finished.

Ok, now the good stuff I was talking about...Liv's stats.

Height: 33.5in. (92nd percentile)
Weight: 30lbs (off the charts!)

The nurse asked me the rhetorical question "has this been her weight/height pattern normally?". Yes. She is a big girl. She can wear a 3T in some things, such as shirts and leggings. If she isn't wearing a 3T then she is most definitley wearing a 2T or 24 month size. Kind of crazy.

I took pictures as promised!

shirt: old navy
jeans: baby gap (consignment)
hair clippie: made by me.

uhhh yeah, 3T shirt and 2T jeans ::gasp::

just try taking that "cuckie" away...I dare you.

baby butt, gets me every time...oh and her "cuckie" collection

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trying to eat something....maybe dog food. figures.

not so good there livi?


  1. Love the clipie and my Olivia is AlWAYS off the chart too!!! She is too darn cute!! I can't believe she can wear jeans. Olivias belly will not allow any jeans near it!!!

  2. oh we have to suck it in! haha. Love chubby little girls :)

  3. She looks like such a tiny thing. I love that shirt.

    Bella and her paci have a relationship that borders on unhealthy. I dread the day that thing has to go.