Thursday, February 24, 2011

some good news

Pat got a job today!!!

Whats that? You didn't know Pat didn't have a job? Well, I didn't really talk about it on here because I wasn't sure Pat would like that. Long story short though, He left his job because they basically went back on their word. They told him he would be able to work in town and that was obviously his main goal so that he could be where Liv and I were. That among a few other things were the breaking point for him.

Moving on, because this post is about good news, Pat had his first interview last week and his second this week. He had to do a presentation for his second interview, I would have been a nervous wreck in need of a cocktail before, but he was calm and blew them out of the water! He got his call today!! We are excited that he finally has a job in town and doing something where he will use his MBA. I think he's pretty excited for his new job and I am very proud of him.

I am still jobless and unable to work. Immigration is a long process and we just faxed yet another document that wasn't completed least they allowed us to fax it because the last mistake we made caused us a month of waiting for everything to be sent back to us. I also sent a work permit application to be attached to my permanent residency application. This was something we didn't know had to be done and wasn't clearly stated. It was more money of course. Everything is about money. Nothing is free when you want to move and work in another country. This whole permanent residency thing takes about 8-9 months. And by 8-9 months, I mean for them to just LOOK and approve our application. Then it takes a few more months until I actually recieve my permanent residency. We sent my application in November and when I called immigration last week, I was informed that they are working on applications from April 2010!

To say the least, its extremely frustrating.

Either way, we are excited that Pat has this job now and are impatiently patiently waiting for my work permit to go through so that I can contribute. Well other than contributing to growing liv into an outstanding human being :).

I think I need luck on the immigration thing but not so much on the raising Liv thing...she's pretty terrific already.

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  1. Yayyyyy....I'm so excited for you guys!!!! Love you, Tara