Saturday, January 29, 2011

getting my life in order

I'm a stay at home mom (SAHM). I think thats been made pretty obvious from all my posts. However, I don't think its clear that I am unable to work. Not yet. I am waiting for the canadian immigration office to allow me to. There's no clear cut time this will happen. It's a waiting game.

I am allowed to apply for work...and I have. However, it seems like wherever I apply there is the dreaded check yes or no box that asks "are you legally entitled to work in Canada", and there is not a "no, but let me explain" box to check. Its frustrating.

Its not that I don't enjoy staying home with Liv. I do...its quite the blessing. I can admit that much. But, I am in a new place with no friends of my own. How do I meet people? I feel like I'm not an outgoing enough person to make friends at a play group or somewhere like that. I just can't picture it happening...not saying I'm not willing to.

So I have a few goals set for myself.

First: Start using my gym membership more regularly. Which I have started...and I'm feeling the effort.

Second: Find a class/play area for Liv and I to attend together. I took her swimming yesterday!

Third: Re-style 2 old dresses. I have one dress that I bought for $6 on a target clearance rack and another I got from Dani...I found them and decided I could really make them into something. I need to use my sewing machine and this is a great way to get going.

Fourth: I'd like for Pat and I to start a date night. It would be nice to do something as a couple on a regular basis.

Fifth: Keep up with laundry....there's 3 of us and I feel like I constantly have 2 loads in the basket.

So there it is, It may not sound like much...but for me, it will definitley make the weekdays fly by a quick faster than what they are at the moment.

liv wearing some vintage pearls, which she insisted upon, and a clippie made by me!

oh elmo, you've stolen her heart.


  1. I love the idea of a date night. Scott and I always try to go out once a week (when we're together) just us two. I imagine couple time is even more important when you have a child. I hope it becomes a weekly tradition for you and your H :)

  2. Those are great goals. I joined a mother's group just after I had Lilah because we had recently moved to the area and I didn't have a lot of friends who had children. We still get together every Wednesday for playdates and now we do monthly mom's night out! It's a great way to make friends!
    I want to start implementing a date night too. Are you thinking weekly or monthly? I can't imagine being able to get out just the two of us every week, so as sad as it may sound, we may have date night just once a month. But its a start for now, I guess! Good luck with your goals.

  3. I'm not sure yet how often we'll do date night...most likely not once a week. Definitley once a week and if we can squeeze an extra night in there we will.

    I definitley need to join a mom group. I need to make some damn friends!

  4. Hey Desi,

    Speaking of more friends....can I be one?! :) I did try calling you on Tuesday before we went to the zoo but there was no answer. I am guessing you were using that gym membership! We were going to go again this week as we missed the tiger and Owen was really sad. If we go (pending an improvement in the weather!) I'll try to give you more than an hours warning (I am bad for last minute plans!).

    I have a girlfriend who takes her daughter to a gymnastics class over near where Ikea is. She says its a lot of fun. I looked at putting both boys in a class this winter but didn't get my butt organized fast enough to get us in. They are popular so fill up fast.

    Also over at Southland Leisure centre there is a tot room (basically a large padded room with toys and slides and ladders) and there is drop in time there a couple of times a week. I think there are some moms and kids that are real regulars there. I've been a couple of times and its a great $4 outing.

    Have you looked at the library? The one over by Southcentre has various programs for little ones. Some are story time but I think there might also be a few programs that run for a few weeks at a time.

    Also the health system here runs some new mom programs. I never went to any but a few girls from our birth class did and they are now friends with those ladies! I'm not sure where you would find the info.....I'll ask around.


  5. Wait, I thought we could get emergency work permits while waiting for our residency? Oh man, this totally changes my plan. I really need to get all this figure out. Good for you on setting goals for yourself. up-cycling dresses sound amazing- wish I was crafty. It will get easier once you make those connections. Have you seen is giving away free "mommy business cards" to give away as play date things. Although the probably don't ship to Canada and the other moms might think you are strange. I'd get them if I didn't move so dang much!

  6. Your goals are inspiring! I have to add though, that 2 loads of laundry waiting to be washed/folded is LIGHT for us. Haha. I am way more behind than you in that area!

  7. Kelly - Of course you can! I would love to go to the zoo. This phone is terrible. We don't have an answering machine and I kind of suck at looking at missed calls. I'll send you a facebook message. Liv would love to visit the zoo again...and its supposed to warm up on tuesday or wednesday!

    Nell - I am going to look into the work visa thing again. I will let you know what I find out!

  8. Good luck with the immigration office! I know they can be a pain, but I am crossing my fingers it goes smoothly for ya :)