Wednesday, January 19, 2011

birthday presents

I have been bugging Pat for over a month now to please please please buy me a shark steam mop for my birthday. I told him my stories of watching them late at night when liv was a newborn and would wake up at 3am. I may be a sucker, but I really really wanted this one. I was willing to settle for a different brand because the shark steam mop runs somewhere around $200.

With my birthday coming up on Sunday, my dream came true today when Pat went to costco.

Bissell steam mop, come to mama!

I already used it. It was ahhmazing and everything I had hoped for. I may be a geek, but seriously, when you have a toddler and slight ocd, the thought of not having to fill a sink of bleach water and using a dirty old mop, just appeals to me.

He also bought me a Sandra Brown book, because he knows I'm a sucker for Sandra Brown. He couldn't understand how someone would want a bissell steam mop for their birthday. I'm going to go lie in bed and read my Sandra Brown book and happily think about my sparkly kitchen floor.


  1. Your blog is really cool!!

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  2. Happy Birthday! I totally love my shark steam mop. My only complaint is that the cord is too short...I should have gotten the delux model. But it works great! I totally understand your love of a clean floor...espcially one without chemicals!

  3. I love mine too Desi! It's a smaller version and I must confess that I use it infrequently but it does work wonders