Wednesday, January 26, 2011

tiny dancer

My mom sent Liv a ballerina outfit...not to be confused with a princess dress, which I mistakenly referred to it as to my mom. So it is an, ahem, ballerina outfit. I obviously took pictures of Liv in it. Pictures where I put my hands up over my head like a ballerina and said "LOOK LIV, LOOK WHAT MOMMY IS DOING!!!" and she quickly followed and I scrambled like a klutz that I am to get the picture. I am talented. The pictures really didn't turn out that great. Liv is cute though and they look vintagey...which Dani informed me wasn't all that great of a thing because usually vintage photos aren't that great because they didn't have the tools we have today....but lets just say I'm trendy...and vintage.


  1. she's adorable.
    i've forbidden my mother to provide alex with any kind of fluffy clothing for fear that i will never get her to take them off!