Wednesday, January 5, 2011

17 Months

I forgot to do Liv's 17 month post. I was all excited about it...and then I forgot. Between New Years and Pat being home, I let the 2nd slip by without any acknowledgement that another month had passed. Oh well, I'm over it and I am pretty sure Liv could care less.

Let's see little Livi, what are you doing these days? The better question is what are you not doing. I generally put Liv down for at least one nap a day, sometimes she has a little "rest", as I like to call it, in the morning. The rest is more for mommy to hop in the shower and drink a cup of coffee though. How do mom's shower unless their child is napping? I'd love to hear some ideas. I think I'm way too paranoid to trust Liv to not hurt herself if I jumped in the shower.

back to napping though...if Liv didn't take a nap, it wouldn't bother her one bit. She is busy and has lots of things to do, so not napping doesn't phase her. I end up having a veryy long day, but its happened and we've gotten through it.

I'm slightly sad we don't have Dr. Mackie to go visit next month, because I would love to call him up today and say "what the heck am I supposed to do with my bottle dependent baby?". We have started weaning Liv off her bottles. This week she is down to 3 oz., next week is 2oz, and so on. I wanted to give them up cold turkey, but Pat didn't agree and with much debate we decided to wean. I'm a little bitter that I lost the battle, but in all honesty, I kind of gave in....choose your battles wisely ladies.

Liv hasn't really noticed that we took 3 oz. away from her bottles. Which is promising and my plan if she totally loses her shit when I take all the milk away is to give her some water in her bottle. Not that she'll be any happier, but my mom pointed out that it will be more of her decision if she doesn't want it then.

Liv really started talking more between month 16 and 17. She tries a lot of the things we ask her to say...she has a habit of saying the first part of words and not finishing them up. She is starting to understand how to tell us what she wants.
She readily says "up" and "down" (dowwww).
She will says yes (yeshhhh) and no.
She says a handful of animal names (puppy, ducky, kitty kitty) sometimes she decides that the noises they make is more fun to say than their actual names
She will say Lily (yiyi)
She loves to say buh bye and nigh nigh
uh-oh is pretty popular and so is cheering when a show is on that she gets into
Sucky is a pretty popular is Cookie :)

She says more, but these are the words she uses constantly. I should keep track of what she's saying...but I probably won't :).

She has an appointment on February 2nd, for her 18 month appointment. In Canada they don't have a 15 month appointment and the person I talked to wouldn't tell me whether we'd need to make an additional appointment because of that. I'm not sure if she's ahead or behind on vaccines when compared to Canada. She also informed me that Liv would need the chicken pox immunization. Should be a fun visit.

Tonight we'll be over at grandma carolyn's, dressed in our Canada gear watching Canada play in the World Juniors. I have never before watched the World Juniors, but apparently its the cool thing to do here and since the US lost to Canada on monday, my new moto is "if you can't beat them, join them" me a follower if you'd like!

she gets excited watching hockey...


very serious business


  1. So cute! Love the pictures and hearing all of the words that she is saying. I can't believe she is 17 months already! Enjoy having Pat home!

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  3. Emily (from Last Train to Pooksville) turned me onto your blog. Glad to be here! I'm a new reader. So cute!