Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wedding Edition

I thought I should do another update on the progress of our reception details. Everything major is booked, but I will admit that I'm stressing about all of the details. I am completely doing all of the decor and centerpieces myself and by myself I mean me and some devoted friends and family. I love having complete control over the situation, however it does lead to some stress.

Here are some sneak peeks of  ideas that I have used for inspiration.
I'm using a variation of this idea for centerpieces

another touch for the centerpieces

photobooth and some fun props

I love the simplicity of this photobooth

Also, these are the shoes I'll be wearing.
I found these by mistake when looking for a pair to wear to have my dress hemmed...$30 and I'm in love.

So I am running into one wee problem. I don't think there is anyone that can do my make-up for the big day. Small town problems, but I was thinking about going somewhere in Calgary and explaining that I need to do my own make-up for my wedding, get a little tutorial and buy a few products that I love. Any advice for me? I'll add that I'm not very good at putting make-up on and usually just wear the basics, so I need some sort of help!


  1. Damn small towns. But I have an idea for your make-up, find a MAC cosmetics, I'm sure there is one in Calgary, if not you will just have to plan a trip to Edmonton :) The ladies there will give you a lesson {it might cost you though, unless you tell them you plan to buy the make-up she uses}.

  2. Desi I can help you with your make-up! I can send you some links to good products that you could use later on, or you are welcome to use what I have! When Ash comes home I need to help her with her hair for Jackie's wedding so maybe we could have a practice make-up run for you and Ash can mess around with her hair! Oh, and it will only work if we drink wine at the same time :) I would be glad to help!!! xo Andrea

  3. YES that would be AMAZING!