Friday, May 13, 2011

21 Months

We're creeping up on the big number 2. I am totally doing something sesame this year...possibly a nemo themed party, because those are Liv's two major obsessions lately. Along with being outside. Its all we hear lately "siiiiide, siiiiide". We have spent a lot of time outside lately and usually when its time to go inside the whole event ends in tears. I feel her pain though, its taken so long to get nice out and I was anxious to get outside too.

We went to the walk-in clinic a few weeks ago for a rash....that still hasn't gone away. Gah. I need to make an appointment with her doctor like yesterday. Anyways, they weighed her and my little gremlin weighs a whopping 31 pounds. I have no idea how tall she is though. Its just amazing to me how big she's getting. Personally I think she gets cuter and cuter ;).

The talking, oh the talking....This has been the most fun part for me. I love the little sentences and phrases she makes. Some of her semi-new phrases that I die over are "oh goshhh". I was tickling her today and whenever I would stop she'd say "oh goshhh". It made me giggle. She also likes the phrase "oh nuts". Probably not the best thing she could say, but its pretty hilarious. One of her favorite things about Auntie Dani's apartment were the ducks, which she pronounces "cucks" (it sounds mildly inappropriate when she says it).  So, naturally when we were skyping with Auntie Dani today she said "Side. Side, cucks side?". She remembered! The first thing she said to Dani though was "Hi Dadeee, where Bikey?". For those of you who missed it, Bikey is my sister's boyfriend, Mike...we call him Mikey.

She is just so much fun. Which I'm sure everyone who has a toddler this age can say. She is thrilled with every little thing we do and the most simple of activities are huge hits. How could you not have fun with a 21 month old?!

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  1. Haha! She's perfecting that chippy face! Love and Miss you guys!