Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Vacation in Pictures vol. 1

I am just getting around to downloading all of the pictures from our trip...so there needs to be more than one post on all of the action.

lots of playing with auntie Dani

a little dancing....

lots of playing outside.

lots of visiting.

we dressed up a lot.

we visited some friends....hello ari.

we did some naked dancing.

we had to say goodbye to auntie "daddeee"

oh man, liv really had fun with Dani.


  1. Without sounding incredibly creepy, you an your sister are so pretty! Liv looks like she has such a great time with her Auntie. I hope when I have kids they feel the same way about Nicole.

  2. Oh andplusalso, have you ever gotten that you two look like Kate Middleton?

  3. hahah thanks Kristen! Not creepy....and yes, thats my favorite compliment! I have a little obsession with Kate :).

  4. Yeah, I second PsyDet because I was thinking that the entire time. You are gorgeous, I've always thought so.

  5. awww, thanks Diana. You are so sweet. You girls are gorgeous too...blogging must be where all the beautiful girls hang out :).