Monday, June 6, 2011

22 Months

Another month gone by...I am currently drinking coffee and watching "be be beast", which is clearly beauty and the beast, for the umpteenth time. We watch princess shows every day. Because, "pincesses" are Liv's new favorite thing everr.

Liv requests princesses every morning and the way she says it is too cute to deny her. She drops the 'r' and sometimes adds a few 's" to the end, ex. "pincesseseseses". Her dad had to go and buy her 2 more pairs of princess pajamas because she wants to wear them to bed every night. Every. Single. Night. God forbid I change her diaper and take her princess pj pants off, because that is just wrong in her eyes.

She also loves to talk on the phone, especially with gaga, auntie Dani, or Pat if he's not here. Skyping has become more fun too. She used to not want anything to do with it, but now she gets excited to talk to all of our family.

Liv is extremely bossy. She tells us to sit all the time...this phrase is not reserved for only the dogs, its for everyone. She likes to say "no dada, no, bad dada". I like to think of it in a positive way, I spin her bossiness to mean that she knows what she wants and goes after it...she's clearly very ambitious. I clearly should have went into public relations.

She has also started to play so much nicer with other kids. Which thrills me because I am so that mom that gets glares from other moms because my kid doesn't like anyone to get in her way or play with a toy that she possibly had her eye on. Her hugs also used to resemble wrestling moves. She is getting it now though. For the most part, she will listen to me when I tell her to wait her turn or that she has to share. She may not like it very much, but she does it and thats all that matters.

It definitely gets easier. Liv is easier to reason with and is learning how to act like a little human being and not so much a caveman. I am starting to feel like I can have another baby. Not saying that this will happen soon, but I can confidently say in a year or so we will try to have another baby.

we spend lots of time at the park.

we try to let liv be as independent as possible...but the worrier side of me has issues.

hello liv.

loves to walk lily.

we go on lots of walks too.

not happy about getting her picture taken with mom.

hello husband.

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