Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day pt. 2

I was going to post about Pat in my last post, but I decided he deserved a post all to himself. When Pat became a father, it was unexpected. We had been together for 5 years and even though that seems like a long time, we weren't planning on getting married or having a baby at that time.  Along came Liv, and life's way of saying "you thought you knew what you were getting, but you had no idea what I had in store for you!".

This was the first year we have all been together as a family. Many of Pat's friends probably think it seems quite weird and impossible that Pat has an almost two year old. They don't really know him anymore, because he has had to change a lot. Pat has stepped up and he became the Dad I knew he would be. He loved Liv the minute she came into this world. Pat had to give up hockey. He will say that he got what he wanted out of it (he received his Bachelor's and MBA for free!), I am very proud of him for that, but I think if our lives had been in a different place, he would have liked to stay in Belfast to play a little while longer.

Instead, he came home and immediately set out to make us a life here. He has been taking care of us ever since. When we were at University, I would say to him "I have high expectations for you and you are slowly but surely meeting them". I think I can confidently say now that he has met my expectations because there is nothing better than seeing your husband love your daughter more than he could love anybody else.

So, Thank you Pat. Liv and I Love you and.....Happy Father's Day! (I won't be making you breakfast because you don't even like breakfast, but maybe I'll make you dinner :).

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  1. I think it's neat how you can reflect on what changed your life for the better - as unexpected as it was. He sounds like a good daddy. Happy Father's Day!