Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do I smell like puke?

I wish that after every time I fly with Liv I didn't have a story to share, but the trend continues. Nothing is ever smooth sailing with Liv and I. We like to keep things interesting.

Our first flight to Toronto was, like I said yesterday, 3 1/2 hours. I was worried about this because that's a long time to keep Liv sitting still. All went off without a hitch. I finagled an extra seat for us and Liv slept for the first hour of the flight and then happily watched a few princess movies. Everything seemed fined until our descent...

I don't even know how it happened, all I know is I looked down and saw Liv "spitting up" on me...and then I thought to myself, well you are almost 2 years old, so I guess you don't spit up anymore, and then came the 2nd puke followed by the 3rd puke and I just sat there horrified by the smell and by the mess that was COVERING us.

I immediately took off Liv's long-sleeve shirt, my sweatshirt, took away her blankie away and wiped her down as best I could. We were 10 feet from the ground so nobody could help me until we landed and the only help I received was a plastic bag to put our pukey clothes in. We looked a wreck and as I'm trying to de-board the plane with Liv, a diaper bag, over-sized tote,  Liv's friggin' princess suitcase, and our extra plastic bag of puke clothes...The irritating flight attendant warns me more than once about the step down from the plane and how Liv might have problems. I looked at her with my arms full and in my mind I said "Maybe you could shut up and help my daughter down because as you can see my arms are full and we are full of PUKE!"...but I am a lady and I didn't say that. I reallyyyy thought it though. I need to add that while I am struggling to get off the plane, Liv is complaining and dawdling because she wants her damn blankie out of the plastic bag and in her hand, seriously kiddo?

The drama continued because we only had 20 minutes to get to our next terminal, which was in the middle of nowhere with no shirts for kids and I thought it would be evil to get myself a change of clothes and not Liv.

In the end, I'm going to chalk it up to some motion sickness and how hot we get sitting in our take-off and landing position (seriously doesn't anybody else sweat to death like that?). It was miserable...I can honestly say it was the worst flight I've ever had.

Liv seemed fine after...puke covered (even in her hair) and all. She continued her day talking, singing, and dancing. I continued mine trying to apologize to everyone we sat next to.

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  1. oh no!!!! poor liv and mommy!! yikes! puke on clothes is bad, but puke in the hair is the WORST!