Sunday, August 29, 2010

what a weekend

I just got home today from my 3 days in Marquette. I am sooo tired. It was a lot of fun and you'd think that without having Liv I would have caught up on some sleep, but with a bachelorette party and a wedding in the mix, it didn't happen. I was so excited to see Liv today that it didn't even matter how tired I was. I arrived back to the Sault around 4 and immediately headed to Sugar Island, which is where our cabin is located. You have to take a ferry over so it takes some time. Liv was really happy to see me and to be honest, she looked so much older since I saw her 3 days ago! I know its all in my mind, but I could swear her hair was longer and she was trying to "talk" more. I just became a little more aware of how fast she's growing...its a little scary.

I really am too tired to write all about my weekend, so I will do that soon...but I'll leave you with a few pictures from my phone that I've taken since we've been in the Sault visiting.

the never-ending struggle to try and learn how to get on her horsey

Liv and her 80's outfit from auntie ang


Trying out Ang's BOB stroller...Liv really appreciated the bar that served as a foot rest :)

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