Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a day in the life of liv

Usually, when we aren't on vacation and sharing a room, Liv wakes up between 7:30-8:30. This is a fairly new occurence. She started sleeping really well when I changed a few things. The first change was putting her in her crib after I fed her a bottle and she was still awake. No more rocking her to sleep. The second change, which I happen to think is the biggest change is she is in her own room. It really made such a big difference. I was reminded what a big difference it made when I slept in the same room with her a few nights ago. My child talks, cries, and moves A LOT in her sleep. No wonder I felt like a zombie most days!

So, you ask, what is little livi up to these days? Like, I just stated in the above paragraph...she's sleeping much better and is still napping twice a day. Obviously sometimes life doesn't allow for that afternoon nap, and she stays happy, but she doesn't usually sleep as well that night. Which is the total opposite of what you would think happens.

She has a huge personality. And by huge, not only do I mean she's pleasant all the time and (funny that I used that word), she is very stubborn. If you tell her "no" it usually results in some sort of tantrum. Biting, pinching, throwing her head back, are all common reactions. It can be very frustrating. Especially when you're on a flight and she wants down and there is just no way she can get down. I had a few battle wounds from Liv, the main one being two little scabs above my lip where she pinched me. I was so angry at that point, because my child had been abusing me and pinching my chest for awhile at that point and it took everything inside me not to flip her over and give her a swat on the bum (sorry if you don't agree with that, but she definitley deserved it at that point). I didn't however, in fear of the judging eyes that would be surrounding me.

She does have a temper, but she also has a very happy disposition. She is always smiling...its my favorite trait of hers. It lights up her face and whether its a nice smile or a huge cheeser grin, she has one for everyone. She has been babbling a lot, but now she is doing it at people. She will walk up to you, babble something and walk away...she thinks she makes total sense. quick funny story. When we were on the plane, a little girl handed Liv her half full water bottle. Of course, Liv loved it and looked at the little girl and said "gagablaf;woeinfekdngksd". The little girl on the plane looked at me and said "What did she say?". I responded with "well your guess is as good as mine". Very cute.

Liv has become very steady on her feet. I'm not as much of a nervous wreck when she is walking about anymore. She also has finally decided that blowing kisses is cool and can give a high five with enthusiasm. Peek-a-boo is my favorite because she tries to do it and usually her hands are nowhere near covering her eyes, but usually placed on her forehead or by her ears. Her obsessions are still elmo and yo gabba gabba and I always know I can keep her entertained for a short while with both.

I should probably stop talking about what Liv is eating now, but maybe this will be my last time. She has been on whole milk exclusively for about a week now. She never missed a step when I started making half and half bottles and the same goes for total whole milk. I know its her attachment to her "bubba". I plan on slowly taking away her bubba's, but I'm definitley not ready to take away her nighttime one. Its just so soothing to her and I don't think she would respond well.

This is the longest post of my blogging existence, but I feel like she's doing something new every other day. Pat and I are always talking about how lucky we are and how good Liv is, and its strange to me to think I have a one year old, but I feel very grateful that I have my one year old and she's perfect to me...even when she's pinching and biting me.


  1. Glad to hear I'm not alone! Lillian's fits are getting more frequent and I think some of it has to do with her teeth coming in. She's just not a happy camper.
    I'm curious to hear about how you end up taking away the bubba's. I'm not looking forward to it at all!

  2. Baby H has already started to pinching and biting a bit. I read in one of the zillion parenting books I've read that a good way to combat it also teaches them empathy. What you are supposed to do is make a sad, pouty face and say "That hurts Mom/Dad/whoever" This way they learn it hurts you and don't get a huge reaction "Ow!" said loudly, which is what they want. I'm trying it, it may be worth a try. Happy 1st birthday Little Liv!

  3. oooh thanks for the advice! I'm going to try that for sure Nell.