Tuesday, August 17, 2010

12 month appointment

We arrived home from our appointment between 11:30am and 12:00pm. Liv immediately went down for a nap because she missed her morning one due to the time of her appointment....and she's still sleeping! I just went to check on her because I am getting bored, but 3+ hours later my baby is still passed out. She got stuck twice today and the nurse informed me before she gave her the MMR, that it stung and she even shouted when she got stuck with hers (thanks lady). Liv was pretty upset, she screams at the top of her lungs and her face get pitch red. Right after the needles were done and I could pick her up, the screaming stopped. She, unfortunately, is like her mother and gets all blotchy so she stayed visibly upset for awhile.

Dr. Mackie said she is doing great and is actually thinning out a little. She said her weight/height is a little closer to the curve this time. He didn't give me her percentages, but here are her stats:

Height: 31 in.
Weight: 27.8 lbs
Head Circ.: 18 in.

Doesn't anyone else feel like once a baby is able to stand they should measure their height on a standing scale like normal people? I ask this because when Liv and I went to the ER, they measured her against the wall and I just thought wow, thats way more accurate than stretching her little leg while she resists with all her might. What do I know though.

In other news, our immigration process is trucking along. I am waiting on a call back about urgent processing for Liv's application so we can get her an Alberta Healthcare card. I also made an appointment to get my medical exam. I'm not exactly thrilled with how much it costs, but we have no choice. I am also going to the police station this week because I also need a background check and some other things (not 100% sure what yet). But, the first step is Pat getting his sponsorship application going, which was done this week, so we have one check on our list and I feel like I've made some progress with everything the last couple days. It seems all so overwhelming if you look at the big picture, but baby steps right?.


  1. H is 30 inches long and weighs about 26lbs and he's 7 months old. He's going to be a giant! Liv will surely fall in love with him and her ability to wear high heels when around him ;)

    Good luck on the p.resident for Canda! Let me know how it goes. I have to start mine soon. We did Kevin's USA greencard last year -lots of $ and time consuming. Hope Liv's comes through soon. I had H's in 2 weeks.

  2. hahah we have giant babies!! I am blaming it on our husbands and their big hockey/canadian genes. They are destined for eachother obv.

    I just got a call back from the consular (sp?), and I have to wait until the end of September to call back and she said she would then request urgent processing. Not as fast as I would like, but we just sent a missing document so we have to wait until it arrives...I can't even imagine getting Pat's greencard. That will have to be next on our list of things to do. It is all so expensive, it makes me ill.