Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She's a Tall Glass of Water

Liv is one longgg baby. Last night I was going through her 3-6 mo. clothes to move the summer stuff over and see if it fit...because summer is almost over and she won't be able to wear it otherwise. Well I ran into some pj's that I thought might fit too. They looked a little long, but I thought I'd try. Aaaaand they FIT!!!! OMG my baby is wearing all 0-3mo. clothes along with some 3-6mo. That is crazy. She is an amazon baby. So of course I had to take a pictures of this and she is almost as long as my leg...because unlike my daughter I have very short legs. So thank you Patty for blessing our daughter with long legs! :) I included a few pics of her flames onesie too!

Look at that long baby!

Just ridiculous

"Its not my diaper that stinks, its the Oilers!" hahahaha Auntie Dani made her so cool :)

Loving her rainforest bouncer
Annnnd the back

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  1. Desi - She looks just like you!!! Such a cutie :) Glad your doing well! :)