Friday, September 18, 2009

and I'm back....kind of

I still feel like poop, but I am just lounging around and felt like posting on the blog. Poor Liv has had to deal with me all week. I've had zero energy. However, she is full of smiles lately...I need to take a video and of course I've been lazy and haven't taken any pictures/videos this week. I'll work on it haha.

I thought this day would never come, but ::drumroll please:: Pat now has internet! I could throw a party :). He got to see Liv for the first time last night and then again this morning. She has grown a lot since he saw her last.

We have nothing planned for the weekend...I plan on sleeping and being ridiculously lazy. I'll take a video of Olivia smiling for me this weekend.

Hanging out in her swing...favorite place to sleep during the day

There's a little smile, but we can do better than that

Liv's outfit for the VMA's hahah

Thrilled with her hood...

She doesn't know how cool she is

Angela made her this onesie :)

Hanging out with Uncle Taylr in the morning

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