Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had an awesome weekend for weather in the U.P., which is strange seeing our summer was non-existent and sucked. Liv and I headed over to Sugar Island on Saturday to spend the day. Shannon met us at the ferry so she could come lay out and relax for the day too. We met my mom there and my grandparents were out later. It was nice and relaxing...Liv doesn't know if she's inside our to comment on how she liked the outdoors is pointless right now. However...her skin definitley does not care for the heat. She gets all red and splotchy. I think she resembles a teenage boy that has a face full of acne! hahaha...not nice of me to say, but get her inside and give her a few hours and her skin is beautiful and back to its normal soft and silky baby soft self.

My mom kept Liv over on the island for the night and I went in town and Ashley and I met Shannon out in Barbeau (little area near the soo). There was a bonfire out there so we just enjoyed the weather and some drinks with friends. I was up before 9 this morning and got ready and headed back over to spend the day at the cabin again. It was nice but overcast, so we ended up just relaxing and being lazy all day...we all had a marvelous nap, and that makes for a good day in my book :).

I talked to Pat this morning before I left...he is finallyyy getting internet tomorrow! I'm thrilled and so is he because he can see Liv for the first time since he left. I can't wait for him to see her and tell me how big she's gotten! I am going to spend the rest of my night watching tv and surfing the internet. Liv is sleeping in her swing, but she's due to wake up at any moment for some milk. Have a good day off tomorrow everyone!

In her stroller on the beach


We had her all covered up so no bugs got her

Sleeping in the rainforest bouncy chair

One more just bc its so freakin' cute

Blue eyed Baby

All the girls at the bonfire

Too cool for school...notice the middle finger she's sporting. Very nice...

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