Friday, July 10, 2009

37 weeks and 2 days

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I was thinking he was going to do an internal and in my perfect world he would tell me there was some progress...buuut he informed me that he's not going to check me until next week, I was a little dissapointed. He also told me it didn't feel like I had dropped, but I could tell because I haven't noticed any change. Pat and I have decided that we don't have time for her to be fact it would be very convenient if she was a little early! Hahaha...I have realized that convenience is not really ever going to be a word I associate with my baby, so I'm not counting on my wants to be a concern in her arrival.

I started a lamaze class last week. I was not looking forward to it, in fact I was dreading it...but it ended up not being so bad. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it. The instructor was very laid back and she did a really good job. I did however find out about the intra-thecal option I have. For those of you who don't know...The Soo does not have epidurals. We have something called an intra-thecal. This is how Dr. Mackie explained it to me. He said that an epidural was like a cadillac and the intra-thecal was a few steps down haha. Well. at my lamaze class, I learned that this intra-thecal only lasts 3 hours and they only give it once. So...I definitley won't be getting this until I'm at least dilated to 7. And I have been reading my fair share of blogs...and they get their epidural when they're dilated to 4...4!!!!! I'm a little nervous and I really don't want to be drugged up and loopy when my baby is born, but I may just need to be! I'm hoping my pain threshold is higher than I think.

I took a few pictures by myself...because I've been slacking. So, I'm in my pj's and they aren't the greatest, but they're something right. AND I have a video...I have been trying to get another video forever and I finally caught her acting like a maniac! I look like I have an alien in my belly :). Pat says that she's athletic, hahah I think its funny but just say to him "oh yes, obviously" haha.

BTW...I added another Poll on the blog to see when everyone thinks she'll arrive. If you want to be my friend you will not vote for after 40 weeks hahaha ;)! But if thats really what you it anonymously ha ::Just Kidding::.

My belly looks huge. ::notice the flames boxers ;)...thats for my Canadians ha::

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