Wednesday, July 22, 2009

39 weeks

Well well well...we had quite the drama filled day. Pat and I had our 39 week appointment today. Before the appointment, I had a prenatal massage that is supposed to put you into labor, but the masseuse said that she didn't think the baby was ready. We walked right to the Doctor's office from there. Everything started off normal, until the doctor took the baby's heartrate. For the last 2 weeks, the heartrate has been 138...and today it was 170! Dr. Mackie was like "hmmm, lets take that again before you leave". He then checked my cervix which had made a littleee progress, but not much. After the appointment, Dr. Mackie decided that he'd feel better if we went to OB and got hooked up for a non-stress test. So we headed over. The nurse that set me all up said it would take 20-40 minutes. It wasn't that short though...the baby's heartrate was all over the place and the only reason they could come up with was that I could possibly be dehydrated. So she brought me a bunch of stuff to drink and we waited, and waited, and waited. We ended up getting an ultrasound also to monitor the baby's movement and to check the amniotic fluid. Everything was good except that the amniotic fluid was in the low/normal range. We had to go back up again and wait another 40 minutes. Dr. Mackie came to visit and tell me what he thought. He said that after the 40 minutes if everything looked good we could go home, but that he wanted us to come back tomorrow to get hooked up again. So thats where we are.

It was pretty eventful...but really nerve-racking. The volume was up on the monitor, so every time her heartrate went up, I panicked. It is just strange because I have been so thirsty and I really thought I was drinking a lot of fluids. The only thing I can think of is that you're supposed to drink lots of fluids after a massage and I went directly from that to my appointment. Would that make a difference? Who knows...I'm not worried though, we'll go back tomorrow and I know if there is something wrong or in need of worrying about, Dr. Mackie will make a decision.

So, send positive thoughts :). Also, my friend Krysta is in the hospital right now with possibly pre-eclampsia, so send her some positive thoughts too. I'll update again tomorrow with how the second non-stress test goes.

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