Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Date is Set!

The end is near! Pat and I went for my 40 week Doctor's appointment today. Dr. Mackie did another internal exam and said there was definitley some progress this time. I'm at least 1 cm dilated and 50% thinned out ::yay::. We knew that we were going to schedule an induction at this time, so we talked about everything, especially the scare we had last week. So keeping in mind the heart rate thing and also that my amniotic fluid was on the low/normal side, we scheduled the induction for.....Drumroll......Saturday!!!!! :). Dr. Mackie also took into account that I am feeling contractions this week, which I wasn't before, and he believes I'm on my way into labor as is. So, maybe I'll go into labor before Saturday. Induction wasn't really the way I wanted to go, but to be honest...I'm a bit relieved to have a date set for it. All this waiting is killing me. Next post will hopefully be with pictures of our baby! Here is a photo, just for fun, from the wedding Pat and I went to two weeks ago.

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