Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sittin' in or Takin' out?

Its freezing here. I'm talking bitter cold that cuts you to the bone. Add rain and we have Belfast.
Imagine the pure joy I felt when I saw a Starbucks to warm me up!

Pat, my grandma, and I stood in line at a, no joke, 3-story starbucks! I have a stroller (you know the one that is broken already that I paid a whole $25 for) and didn't make it up to the other floors, however they probably had a lift, aka elevator. I get super nervous ordering things here...because Pat has it engrained in my head that people hate americans and I know as soon as I talk its a dead giveaway and people use different words/speak in an ungodly Northern Irish accent, which leads to me usually putting my foot in my mouth. So as I approach the counter I decide what I want and have no problem asking for it and the woman then says to me "Sittin' in or Takin' out?" if it had been as clear as I have written it I wouldn't have had a problem answering this question. I do prefer the terms "For here or To go?" but I get the experession. However, I had no idea what she said to me and because it wasn't something I normally hear I just looked at her with this blank stare mumbling like an idiot trying to figure out how I'm supposed to answer this I just look at Pat for help. He answered for me and can't seem to grasp how I didn't understand what she just said to me. Not a big deal...the next time someone asked me if I was "sittin' in or takin' out" I could answer in a timely manner.

Now lets fast forward about a week. I now have the confidence to put Liv in a stroller and walk to the train station to grab an Americano. The barista even recognizes me because I've been in a few times with my cute baby. This time she engaged me in a little conversation and asked "what do you call her?"....but once again mixed with the accent and not the phrase I'm used to, I thought she said something like "is it cold outside?". So I proudly said "yes its very cold outside". I go on putting sugar in my drink and she graciously pretends I didn't just tell her that my baby's name was "yes its cold outside". She asked me the same question again and I catch on that I obviously didn't get it the first time. I paused thought about what she was possibly referring to and answered "ohhhhh, Olivia". I'm definitley not a graceful conversationalist here.

Pat just got back with some starbucks and we are going to go hunt down Sophie the Giraffe for Liv today. I convinced Pat that she really wants Sophie and that Liv has been bugging me for months and I have been waiting for Christmas :)

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