Friday, December 4, 2009

4 Months

Time flies when you actually work and don't have time or the desire to blog. Its been longer than usual for an update because I actually had a FULL week of work with FULL days, no more half days this week. I loved it and hated it all at once. I really do love working, especially at the school that I work at. Its nice to get out of the house but I miss being at home with Liv too. The mornings are my favorite time with her because she's always the happiest, most smiley, and most talkative in the mornings. And I miss that when I work. It wasn't too bad though, I don't expect to work that much every week, but I have an end in mind...and that is getting a decent check while I'm in Ireland! Pat has told me they have amazing shopping so I need to plan ahead.

During my full week of work, Liv turned 4 Months (on wednesday to be exact). I'm still waiting for a month where I say "where has the time gone?", but I'm still in the mind set that I feel like I've had her for longer. I'm impatient and maybe thats what is making me think that way. I am always wanting her to roll over, laugh, stand, jump...I'm wishing her life away.

Liv is growing like a weed and just so that I know she's spending all this energy growing she wakes me up twice a night to eat. Yes...newborn like, on the week I decide to work full-time. It has generally been around 11:30-12 and 4-4:30 that she wakes up and slurps down 6oz of milk. I spent one of those times usually freaking out, crying, cursing pat, and not being able to look Liv's smiley/milkey face in the eye. I am prayinggg this will end...soon. Because, seriously, I can't take it much longer. I'm driving to Marquette by myself tomorrow and staying the night. The point of my trip is to drop Lily off for Dani and Mike to watch her while we are in Ireland...but I thought I'd stay the night and have a mommy day :).

I want to devote a paragraph to some of the things Liv has been doing. She is still eating the food I made her. She isn't very picky and likes everything I made. I also bought her some avocados and made her fresh "banana-cado", sounds disgusting and looks disgusting due to its green color...but liv loved it. It ruined a bib but I learned my lesson and will soak the bib immediately after I feed her green food again. She has also learned how to grab her sucky. She'll concentrate really hard and grab it, pull it out and then try to put it back in whilst poking herself in the eye or cheek. Even if she eventually gets the sucky near her mouth, its the plastic part and she gets pissed and drops it. Its cute, but frustrating when you're trying to get her to nap and she keeps spitting it out. She also has been trying to jump with two feet. In her jungle gym, as you can see from the previous "giggling" video, she moves from one foot to the other, but she mixes in a little jump once in awhile. We have been working on her holding her own bottle and its coming along. She is still kind of lazy about it, but she'll do it for a little while. She is still nowhere near rolling over, in fact, she has no interest in it whatsoever. She is a drooly mess. I think she enjoys her spit and likes feeling it move down her chin ::gross::. Drool kills me and I can't stand it all over her face, so the whole hand sucking thing really bothers me. I may need to get over that though ;). One last thing, I'm also working on Liv's sitting. She can do it with the help of her boppy pillow, but like everything...she has a time limit before she loses it. Here is liv in all of her 4 month cuteness.

Trying to get her "4 month" photo for the blog

There we go

Eating her looks like it tastes good

What am I going to do with this child?...chewing on her monkey's arm

Sitting like a big girl...did I mention she likes monkeys?

Squirrel pj's

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