Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Belfast

Happy Boxing Day!

I am trying not to celebrate boxing day this year. I told Pat this and he said 'why don't you just walk into town and not bring your debit card'? Now, I ask you...what is the fun in that? I did just go shopping, on Christmas Eve by myself and Pat watched Liv. I told myself that was my last shopping trip. We'll see though.

After my shopping I came home and caught Pat and his daughter snoozing on the couch together(picture to follow). We had skype conversations with both our families before we got ready to go to a little Christmas get together. It was late in the evening so I was worried about Liv being out way past her bedtime. She was a little crabby at first with all the people and noise, but she had a bottle and settled down. She even let some other people hold her. Surprise Surprise, because she's been making strange a lot lately. We came home early, put Liv to bed, had a few glasses of wine and watched some tv. We slept in on Christmas because Santa doesn't come to a 4 month year olds house...well not at my house anyways. I made breakfast for us and some bananas for Liv. It was nice and simple. We did absolutely nothing else. It was actually the first Christmas that Pat and I have spent together...weird but when better to start than with Liv.

I captured some of our holiday in photos

During the day on Christmas Eve...hanging out in the Tigger outfit her Dad got for her

This is how I found them after my shopping expedition

Christmas Eve Morning...laughing at her dad

The Albert Bridge...Liv likes to watch out the window at the people and cars crossing this bridge

Watching out the window

All dressed up for Christmas Eve

Don't their smiles look similar?

Our Christmas present :)

Christmas Morning...both concentrating intently on their activities. She has a serious mohawk in this picture.

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