Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Month Old

Its been one month since Liv entered the world. It seems like it was forever ago haha. She has definitley been staying awake longer and just looking around, checking out her new world. We had a good week. My mom took Thursday and Friday off of work so I had lots of help. I would feed Liv around 6ish and my mom would come get her around 7, or when she woke then I could sleep in a little bit. SO NICE. Sleep is wonderful haha. Lets see, what is new with Liv? Other than just looking around, we've been putting her in her boppy a lot more. Lying her on her tummy so she can learn how to pick her head up. She does it for a little while and then gets tired and gives up haha. I don't know why I think her sitting in the boppy is so darn cute, but I will post pictures and you can see for yourself. She is drinking around 5oz. of milk every 3 or 4 hours. Sometimes she drinks less, and sometimes she thinks she wants a little more. I'm always worried about how much I'm feeding her but she is a bigger baby and I'm going to go on what a nurse told me, which was "a baby will eat as much as they need". She's a growing girl!

We went to my cousin's wedding yesterday. My mom, grandma, Liv, and I went to the ceremony and the dinner. Liv wore her party dress hah! She slept almost the whole time. She woke up to eat, but then went right back to sleep. After the dinner my mom and I went home and my mom watched Liv while I went to a friend's wedding reception. I had so much fun! I just danced the night away haha. I went out two other nights, and this was the first night I actually felt a little more comfortable and let loose. It was nice. Its beautiful out today, so we are gonna bring Liv for a walk later...I will have to take some pictures of that. Here are some pictures from throughout the month!

Milk-induced coma...this happens to Liv a lot
Looking like her dad
Smiling? I like to think so haha
cute pj's

Liv's Party Dress haha
On the way to the wedding
Hanging out outside with grandma Carolyn
Anothe shot of the party dress
Pooh hat that Auntie Dani got her
Little Cowgirl
Me and Liv at the wedding

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