Thursday, August 13, 2009

Enjoying Marquette

We have been staying busy up here in Marquette. Its been beautiful the last couple of days so we've taken advantage. Carolyn and I have walked on the beach every day this week...the first day we got caught in the rain! And not just a little sprinkles...a complete downpour haha. Olivia was in her sling, so I had her covered but the whole side of her body that wasn't against me was soaked. She slept through it all though.

We also made the hike up sugar loaf mountain yesterday. It was harder than I remember seeing I haven't been working out. I felt a little out of shape! It was really hot but it was a nice outing. There is a little patio in the back of the condo that we've been spending a lot of time on too. It's so nice that its hard to just sit inside...and pat has been in control of the air conditioning and its freezing inside!

Pat got the news that he has to leave on the 19th...which btw is next Wednesday!! Those are not excited exclamation points, they're shocked ones. I can't believe he is leaving already :(. They want him to fly out of Chicago, which means he'd have to drive a rental car from Marquette to Chicago early Wednesday morning ::Yuck:: I've said it twenty times, but I'll say it again...its going to be hard but worth it so I'm sucking it up. On a happier note, I have some cute pictures from over the past few weeks in Marquette, enjoy.

Staring at her daddy. She loves to study people.
It's a miracle! Her eyes are open! She sleeps a lot...but here is a shot of her beautiful blue eyes.

On top of Sugar Loaf. She was so impressed by the view she decided to take a nap...

Not happy...she was hungry by the time we started up the trail.
Lounging outside in her Canada outfit...I woke up and Pat had her in this outfit haha..he would.

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