Monday, August 24, 2009

Back in the Soo

We are now back in the Soo. Pat left for Ireland last Wednesday. Its been hard knowing he was going to leave and even harder watching him leave. You kind of have to detach yourself from the situation because thinking about it is all too overwhelming and it will get me nowhere. On a positive note, Pat loves Ireland so far. He said its beautiful. He lives right downtown in a big apartment overlooking the river and he says there is so much to do. The only problem is they are a little more slower moving than in the U.S. and he still doesn't have internet or cable for that matter. He was supposed to get it last Friday and he still doesn't have it...but he has purchased a Skype phone, who knew they had those! He got that today, so we've been able to chat a few times throughout the day.

After Pat left, the next hard thing was leaving Carolyn and Doreen. We had a good couple of weeks :). Its hard not knowing when we'll see them next. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I had a huge eye opening day today too. I got out of bed with Liv around 9:30ish and it seriously took me until 3pm to be ready to head out the door. I was going to unpack and that took me hours due to constant interruptions, feedings, fussing, puking, etc... I finally had a few sips of coffee around 1pm haha. Carolyn and Doreen have been there all day with me for the past couple of if i needed to do something like shower or wash bottles or due laundry...they could keep an eye on Liv. No more help during the day for me...And WHOA am I tired at the end of the day. Also, my class started today. My final thesis class...and there's already something due!!! Shoot me now.

Quick story...I've learned my lesson now. I have been pee'd on by Liv before but I obviously hadn't cared too much I guess because I kept changing her without her changing pad. So last night around 3am I fed Liv and I was thinking how exhausted I was, but she needed her diaper changed so I was lazy and changed her on my bed. Well she pee'd all over my 3 in the morning! So I had to change my bedding obviously. Not something I felt like doing at all at that time in the morning. Oh well haha. I won't be making that mistake again though. Now that I'm back home with reliable internet I will keep my posts more consistent. Here are some photos of Liv recently.

Ok...nobody liked as much as me, but I loved this bonnet and thought it was adorable haha!
Hanging out in her boppy

Potato Sack

A rare occurance...Lily snuggling with Liv

Auntie Dani and Liv
Taking a dip

Pretty girl

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