Sunday, August 12, 2012

winding down

My absence is totally due to the fact that I am trying to adjust to my new lifestyle as a working mom. It is a huge change, but one I am really loving. I am busy and I love having a routine.

Ummm.....Liv turned 3. Remember back when I had a blog post celebrating every month? Well, I am a failure. However, I did not fail in delivering her a superhero party that she requested. And when you think about it, that's what is really important.

We've had an interesting summer. Liv was in Michigan with my family for three weeks! It was very strange to say the least. It is something that will be an annual occurrence and Liv really enjoyed herself. My family loved having her there too. Pat and I had some quality time together too...probably more than we needed, but like I said...good for all. My mom flew in with her two weeks ago and stayed for six days. It was nice to have her here. She has never visited before and I liked having her in my new home and I thought she fit in nicely. Now I need to convince her to move here and be my live in nanny.

I am going to keep this short...don't want to overwhelm anybody with too many details.

Liv on her 3rd Birthday....Spiderman!

another from my sister's photo session with Liv.


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  1. So fun that your mom was able to come out for a couple days! Having your mom visit is the best :)