Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back to Reality

Not that I left reality for very long. I arrived back in Calgary on Monday and since the moment I left on Thursday until right now, it's been a whirlwind. I was SO busy while I was home, I definitely missed seeing some important people and it gives me anxiety about when I'll get to see them next, but that's more reason for me to save up to get back for Christmas!

Ashley and Nate's wedding was beautiful. There ceremony was on Lake Superior and everything was absolutely stunning and perfect. I was a bit stressed during the ceremony because Dani and I had readings and Liv was being a terror, throwing sand at me and sticking her face in the sand....she's wild. She was also a tasmanian devil at the reception, but she made a slightly early exit and we all got to let our hair down and enjoy some beverages and dancing.

Liv is with my parents until the 30th. I feel like a horrible mother, BUT I am doing this for my daughter and my family. They only get to see her for a limited amount of time and my mom and I have been talking about this for awhile. My mom is going to fly back with her and stay a week too, which is so exciting because she hasn't been to visit yet. I am going to enjoy the stampede, some alone time with my husband...and busy myself with planning Liv's 3rd birthday party and re-doing her room for her return. Starting pinterest board now...

I have a modge podge of pictures to document our time in Michigan, so bear with me...I lost my camera a few weeks ago and stole all of these off of facebook.

Dani took some pictures of Liv in a feather headband she made for her...this is the first she's cute! It makes me miss her that much more. That face is SO her! Here is the link to my sister's website!

Jillian, Me, Andrea, Ashley (the bride, obv.), and my Twinnie

Dani, Me, and Bikey at the rehearsal

This pictures deserves an explanation...When we were younger we played on a bunch of gus macker/red hacker teams together and our team name was Charlie Angels, but lets be was based on the classic television show and wayy before the movie ;)

wedding reception.

Andrea didn't want to be left out :)

This is Lea, Ashley's photographer, my friend and she was also my photographer. Liv has not seen her since my wedding but as soon as she saw her she was obsessed with Lea. I had to tow her away on multiple occasions because she was trying to distract poor Lea. Lea...I hope this is ok that I posted this. Lea is amazing and has a photography business called Vienna Glenn Photography. Here is the link to her blog too.

twinny. Can you tell which one is which?

There was another set of twins there, our edmontonian friends, Kathy and Tina :).

Dani, Tara, Me, and Ashley

posing with auntie cute is her outfit?

My Mom (gaga) and Liv....high on life, or sugar.


  1. Lovely photos! You guys really are twins! Welcome back to Calgary - are you loving the heat!!

  2. I am! It is definitely summer now :)

  3. My gosh, Liv is SOOO photogenic! I wish my kids would smile for the camera like that :/
    Don't feel badly about leaving her with your's a HUGE treat for her and your mom! They are both lucky to have this time together. And you're lucky to have a little break :) Enjoy!

  4. Love all of your pictures! You look like you are having so much fun :) And Liv is adorable as well :)

  5. Love these pics! Lord knows when the next time we will ever reunite will be :( I'm so excited for you and your new job, and having some time with Pat and to party plan! I am knee deep in 1st and 3rd birthday party planning, eek. Oh, and for some reason I never had a problem telling you and Dani apart. The Buchkoe's are a different story. I still get them mixed up :)

  6. Love all the pics!!

    I am a new follower, also a fellow Canadian blogger!!!

    Feel free to pop by and say hello sometime!!