Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"I get your stinkies out!"

Liv and I flew in late Monday night. We are back home and it feels good to be back to our old routine. Well hopefully we will have a new routine because I will get a job...someday...hopefully.

However, while we are waiting for that to happen, I have a story for you.

Liv and I were sitting on the couch together yesterday morning and this is how our conversation went:

Me: Livi I need to take a shower, I stink.

Liv: you don't stink mama.

Me: Yes, yes I do...I'm going to take a shower.

Liv: (leaning forward with her mouth wide open) RAWRRRRRRRR!

Liv: See, I got your stinkies out mama!

Really kid?! I died. It was hilarious and random. The only thing I can think to blame this on is the Yo Gabba Gabba book "get the sillies out". Clearly her reading comprehension is astronomical, seeing she totally applied getting the sillies out to getting my stinkies out. The roaring, I have no explanation for that, other than she is obsessed with monsters. What two year old welcomes the thought of monsters? Mine :).


  1. She is quite the character :)

  2. The random conversations are the best!

  3. well, someone's gotta do it ;) haha...miss you guys!!! i'm ready for july to get here now!