Friday, April 13, 2012

It's that time again.

Time to take our first trip to the park this spring. Calgary can't decide if it's spring or not. We went to the park on Wednesday, it was beautiful, jackets optional weather...then Thursday we had a full-blown snow storm. It completely melted today, so I'm still quite confused, but I think this Alberta weather is bi-polar.

Liv had so much fun at the park. It amazes me how much more she can do now and I love to watch her conquer all the obstacles she couldn't last year. She climbed all the way up to the twisty slide by herself, but she didn't prepare herself for how fast she'd shoot out the bottom and landed flat on her bum. She avoided the slide the rest of our visit and before we left I asked her if she wanted to go down the big slide again. She responded with "no, it hurts my bum". I understand Liv, good call.

The only thing I have planned this weekend is to go watch The Hunger Games...again. I will never again attempt to go to a midnight showing after drinking four maybe five beers. It was painful and I spent all my energy keeping myself awake instead of paying attention to the movie. Also, want to like it as much as I loved the books, so I'm going again ha.

Other than that, I spent entirely way too much time trying to give my blog a re-vamp. I've changed things multiple times and will probably continue to do so because I'm indecisive.

Here are the pictures...the plus with the new layout is I can make my pictures bigger! yay!
the colored skinnies slay me.

wind in the hair.

this is Liv's true personality captured in one photo.

insisted on going in the "baby" swing.

ok maybe I have two photos capturing her true self.


  1. I love the new design! Aaand I love the Liv pictures! Aaaaaand I loved Hunger Games, liked the book better though. But I'd go see it with you again :)

  2. I love the background! I will be calling about the header:) Love you guys and wish I was at the park with you!

  3. haha....i definitely need to watch hunger games again too!!

  4. I always say this but she is just a doll! So beautiful!

  5. I love your blog makeover:) And Liv is getting so big! She looks like a little girl now:(