Monday, July 18, 2011

as promised

I have pictures! loads of them. We have been taking advantage of the beach while we can get it. It's also been disgustingly hot and humid here. Poor liv has beads of sweat rolling off her nose constantly. Unfortunately, the poor girl has inherited my red/splotchy face when I'm hot or crying.

 Auntie Dani bought Liv an ariel swimsuit when we were in Chicago and Liv is obsessed with it. I think I've stated a few times how obsessed she is with princesses, she asks for them the minute she wakes up in the morning until the minute she goes to sleep. When she does something bad, sometimes I tell her that princesses don't act that way...apparently, she thinks they do because  it takes a few reminders. I was at Walgreens the other day and I saw a little plush snow white doll on sale for $3, so obviously I had to buy it and when I handed it to her she immediately began singing and dancing with it. She is a girly girl. My mom went back today and bought her the sleeping beauty doll to go with it.

She relates princesses to a lot of things in daily life lately. If I have a dress on she says "ooooh mama, pityyy desss". So, naturally we've been playing up the reception as a princess party where everyone will wear their princess dresses. I think she'll be very thrilled with it. I also can't wait to see her on the dance floor!

Rambling is over, onto the good stuff:
me: who are you wearing liv?  liv: Alilol

enjoying some sandy graham crackers


a little song and dance.

gardening with papa.

probably saying "no mama no"

yooper girl

liv and papa.

torturing poor nahla

paris hilton?

gaga, liv, papa and good 'ol abbie

this is what a day at the beach can do to you...even with Tangled playing.

elmo is still on our list of things we like.


  1. LOL! I love the Paris Hilton-esq photo! Haha! Looks like a great time. Makes me want to plan a trip to the beach!

  2. cute cute cute!! & when did Liv get so big!??!

  3. Look how big she's getting! I love how she just passes out when she sleeps, she does look really hot. I feel for you. I really do.

  4. I know she's huge now!! My sister just said the same thing...she's a 2 year old in a 3 year old body. And its been SO humid...its gross, poor sweaty thing.