Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Wow, time flies when you're having fun. Or when you are sleeping by 9pm every night.

I completely failed on this pregnancy update thing. I am currently 27 weeks......the last time I posted, I was 16 weeks.....How does 11 weeks go by and you don't even realize it? I should take this as a good thing. My pregnancy is flying by....did you know it's October tomorrow?! Not sure how that happened either.

Here are the details:
How Far along: 16 Weeks 4 days

Due Date: December 28th and i'm sticking to it.....I suppose I can deal with this date, it's in between two major holidays, poor guy.

Symptoms: Still tired. I haven't had any surges of energy this time around. I am going to contribute this to a 5 year old that started kindergarten (which takes more brain power and memory than I have the capacity for lately, you should see the calendar in my phone, with reminder alarms, it's embarassing), and working full-time whilst trying to keep this house up, I get tired even typing this.

Cravings: I haven't really had specific cravings. I do get ideas in my head of things I need RIGHT NOW, but it's not consistent.

Sleep: It's alright. I've had some random early wake-ups that require me to do some reading to "hopefully" fall back asleep.

Things I'm missing: This answer will remain beer.

Movement: Oh yes, my boy moves way more than my girl. He especially likes to go crazy in the evenings, but he also likes to throw little parties after lunch.

Gender: omg....never announced this either....if you haven't noticed what gender I have been referring to, it's a BOY :).

I have been taking some pictures on my phone.....some, and I have realized how much I love black. Seriously, get a new color Desi.

22 weeks

24 weeks

25 weeks


  1. Ah I missed your last post! Congratulations! And welcome back to blogging. I'm currently pregnant too and am 24 weeks along this week :)

  2. FIrst of all, CONGRATS!!! Second, so glad to see you blogging again - even if it is sporadic. And third, kindergarten DOES take a lot of brain power, right?!