Thursday, July 17, 2014

16 Weeks

How Far along: 16 Weeks 4 days

Due Date: Still between Dec. 24-28th.....I will most likely have a better idea August 1st, which is the BIG ultrasound.

Symptoms: I've been tired....Pat has been away for work all week and I've reached my limit. The cherry on top was a tantrum @ soccer tonight and a nice knee to the face when trying to get her in the bath....which caused a almost crying parent moment, but we pulled through and she was sleeping 2 minutes after hitting her pillow.

Cravings: Meh. Nothing. I still need to be better about cooking....maybe some meal planning this weekend? If I don't have a plan I will not be successful during the week. AND even though I know this....I still slack in this department.

Sleep: Great. No complaints....I read every night and have been falling asleep with my kindle still open next to me.

Things I'm missing: Still was a hot week. Energy would be good....still waiting to get more of that. I'm really exhausted by the end of my work day and that is where the not making dinner thing is stemming from. I have a much bigger house to clean nowadays and I am also struggling with this.

Movement: no traditional flutters and what not, but this little girl/guy likes to hang out in the lower right quadrant of my belly...where I can see a little bulge when "it's" hanging out down there.

Gender: August 1st. Super pumped because Dani will be in town and gets to come to my ultrasound also!

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