Friday, December 9, 2011

a month

With the anticipation of Pat finallyyy coming home today, today being a day short of him being gone for a month, I kept Liv and I busy. We did errands all morning, she got to visit with her gaga carolyn and auntie leslie and uncle ryan and baby jax, then we went home for a nap. She napped and weirdly enough I was excited enough to clean the house and do some laundry.

Then came the dreaded "I can't come home until tomorrow" call. So, now I can say "pat has been gone for a month", because tomorrow marks a month. I know how odd it sounds that my husband has been gone for a month, but thats the life we live. Its not often, but it can happen. We deal. I deal with extra glasses of wine at the end of the night/early evening, but deal I do.

While on our errand run today I got Liv some princess body wash an a cinderella loofa, Liv refers to it as a "foofa". Even though it wasn't bath night, we indulged ourselves. She polished herself clean with her "foofa" and extra squirts of princess body wash (which obviously makes you more princess-like) and practiced our back floats and front floats from swim class. I have to say that if swim class does anything for Liv, it will probably allow me to wash her hair like a normal human being in the bath tub! She is over her bath hating phase now...the fight continues to drag her out of the tub.

bath time baby.

back float!

Thank you swim class!

cinderella foofa!

baby bum

"takin' a break mama"

the girls of the hour.

happy after her bath.

princess pose.

can't forget about my other princess :)

ohhh lily ha!


  1. Thanks so much for the potty training advice...and encouragement! Much needed (we aren't doing so hot this morning...2 accidents and 1 success and it's only 8 am!).
    You are my hero parenting alone for a whole month. I seriously don't know if I could do it. Those tubby pics are adorable. That's great that she will dip her head to rinse. And I love the foofa, lol!

  2. ahhh I'm dying over these photos! Hilarious and cute:)

  3. the pics are adorable!!!!!
    a MONTH!?!? BOO.

  4. Those pics are so cute! Miss you guys!!!

  5. LOVE these pics, I was laughing so hard! You have turned into quite the photographer :) Happy for Pat to be home soon for you two.
    --Amber & Amara

  6. Hope the one day wait was worth it. :) Liv is super cute - love the tub pics.

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