About Us

I am a 25 year old twin from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan...which, if you don't know is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. That would make me a yooper. Liv (Olivia), my daughter, is almost a year old and was the biggest surprise and blessing of my life. My husband, Pat,  just returned from Belfast, Northern Ireland. If you're wondering what in the world would make him decide to move to Belfast...well, he played professional hockey for the Belfast Giants which are part of the Elite League in the United Kingdom. This actually was only part of the reason he moved there when Liv was merely 3 weeks old. The other and main reason was that the Giants paid for Pat to attend the University of Ulster and recieve his MBA! I'm proud that we did this...it wasn't an easy year for either of us, but we are now together and it feels awesome. We have recently moved to Pat's hometown of Calgary, Alberta. We just got married on July 22nd, 2010 after six years of dating.  The obstacles we are currently facing are a pending dual citizenship for Liv and filing sponsorship and residency paperwork for me, oh the joys of immigration! Its a pain but is worth it for our family to be together again!
I started my blog initially so that I could keep my Canadian family informed during my pregnancy and overload them with pictures of Liv once she was born. I became pretty addicted to reading other's blogs and its very common for me to start a sentence with "so, I was reading my blogs and.....". To end this I would like to say welcome and enjoy :)