Tuesday, February 21, 2012

weekend walking

Liv and I like to take Lily for a walk together. Lily is a 5 pound beast. She is ferocious. I avoid all paths that lead to other dogs, we take the path of least resistance, because nothing is more embarrassing than your 5 pound chihuahua barking incessantly at every dog, twice it's size, that walks by.

On this particular walk, same rules applied. We walked the opposite way from everyone. I did see a man walking two big dogs our way, so we took a detour to look at the frozen over river. I was reaching in my pocket to get a treat in order to distract Lily. I was too slow and Lily zipped out in front of me and popped out of her harness! Next thing I know, my rabid chihua is barking and circling the poor man and his two dogs. I had to chase her in circles, because conveniently, she doesn't listen. Gah. I did get some pictures before the "incident". She makes my life interesting thats for sure.

there's something so cute about a 2 year old walking a dog :)


pat and liv's snowman :)


  1. OMG sooooo cute walking the dog! and I love her hat!

  2. that hat is adorable on her!

  3. Thank you! Liv's hat is from baby gap, a gift from Auntie Dani, of course :)