Friday, October 28, 2011

a little look

Our apartment isn't 100% done, but I was excited to post some pictures of what we've done so far.

I'm really indecisive and kind of a perfectionist, so I've been changing things daily. I know the walls are still a little bare, but I need to order some more pictures and maybe do a few more crafts that I have stored on pinterest :). What did the world do without pinterest?!

You'll notice in the pictures that Liv is in a toddler bed! Woo hoo. I found it at a thrift store for $14. I wasn't convinced I was even going to get her a toddler bed, but for that price I changed my mind. She's been doing pretty well with it. My goal is to not lay with her and bedtimes are way easier than naptime. It's a work in progress.

Speaking of works in progress...potty training. Liv has been spending a good amount of time in her "panties", but she isn't in them 100%. She hasn't quite figured out that feeling of having to go. She tends to pee a little before saying she has to go and then peeing in the potty too. I suppose I should be thankful that she is catching herself. I'm not rushing it, but I'll be happy when we can't get rid of the pull-ups.

Ok, on with the pictures...I'll update more on Liv in another post!

mantle. I covered the canvases with fabric (idea from pinterest)

close up

Pat picked out our couch...I'm super impressed. I covered the ugly pillows that came with the couch though.

another view

The tray was another craft of mine

This will be a photo wall when I get more frames...chairs were bought off of Kijiji, covers from Ikea and I covered the pillows.

Dining room

we needed this, because we literally have 2 drawers in our kitchen. No room for a junk drawer.

I love this napkin holder. I found it at Winners on clearance.

curtains from Ikea.

I thrifted the mirror and re-painted it navy.


The potty is such a nice decorative touch no?

Liv's room!

once again...that will be a photo wall eventually ha.

Liv's bed.

Her mess of a closet...Need to remedy this situation
So there is our mini tour, when I'm ready I'll add pictures of the kitchen, den, and master bedroom. We have a random couch sitting in our den now and when that is moved, Liv's kitchen is taking it's place...It is a huge distraction at naptime, or what Liv thinks is tea time apparently.


  1. i love it. and liv's big girl bed is so sweet. i can't wait to see the rest..

  2. Oh I love it!! So happy for you that you have your own place! Can't wait to see it :)