Tuesday, November 2, 2010

15 months

Another month has come and gone. Liv becomes a little more independent every week it seems. We had our hard times this month but also a lot of good times. Liv has had some sick days and hasn't been eating as well as she used to but she's been doing lots of new and exciting things. Like these:

- I was crooking my finger at Liv to get her to come to me...which never works, but I try. Today, Liv was in her room standing next to her crib trying to reach one of her blankies and when she saw me she motioned with her little hand to come help her. I was amazed. Liv loves to copy what people are doing. I'm pretty sure thats typical of a toddler her age. If Liv hears us telling one of the dogs to "sit", she immediately starts saying "sit, sit, sit". She loves to tell them to "go" too.

-Liv loves music and dancing still. Her new favorite is Justin Beiber. If she hears one of us sing "baby baby baby", she immediately goes to a laptop and tries her best to get the Beibs on the screen. Her old favorites, yo gabba gabba and elmo, are still very popular with Liv too. She likes to pretend to sing too...well I guess its not pretending to her, but there are no words in her singing, unless she sings "babyyyyy" :).

-Liv is slowly but surely starting to say some more words. She has been saying mama for awhile, but not consistently and not towards me. She has really started to use it more, which thrills me. She will say dada, baby, mama, woo woo (woof), gak gak (quack), sit, bye bye, and go. She attempts to say a lot of things, but I can confidently say that I know what any of it means ha.

-I have no idea about her height and weight right this second. We are thisss close to getting her Alberta Healthcare and I need to get her in to see someone. Don't even get me started on not being able to get her into a doctor and going to a walk-in for her 15 month appointment...craziness I tell you. Liv is wearing anything  between 12 months- 2T. It really varies depending on what it is and what brand. She is wearing either a size 5 or 6 in shoes too.

-I have a feeling Liv's terrible two's are starting, like now. She likes to throw tantrums if she doesn't get her way. She also still loathes getting her diaper changed or getting dressed. Its pretty frustrating at times when she is upset and mad and I have no idea what about.

-My daughter is still drinking bottles. Don't judge me...she loves them and we, yes we, aren't ready to get rid of them yet. She usually has two a day. One before her nap and one before bed...she will have another if she wakes up in the middle of the night. If anyone has any advice about this, I could use it :).

Of course I took some pictures on Liv's 15 month birthday...I even dressed her up for the occassion.


  1. Pretty girl! What is the face in picture #1!? Haha!! As for bottle advice, I have none to offer seeing as we are back to square one :) Don't worry, 2 bottles a day won't kill her!

  2. What a cutie!! Don't worry about the bottles, Kayla still has a bottle at bed time and it took her forever to get to that point!!! She is soo picky!!

  3. She is such a cutie! can't wait for her and H to meet this summer (It's a must!)
    I've been reading up on this whole removal of the bottle since it will be ending in January for us (ugh, not looking forward to it). One of the suggestions was to give smaller and smaller amounts of whole milk in the bottle. Another was to let them see you package them away (or throw them away) and say bye-bye, then let them chose a new sippy cup and give them some milk in it. It all seems so hard. Good luck!!

  4. I thought of you while writing my latest post :) I too, think its so funny what you love in your child's name. & I must say, your Liv is adorable pushing her pop toy :)